Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
❀️ Welcome to AceSpace!
Hello! I'm the Founder of AceSpace. Thank you for joining the site, I hope you like it here! πŸ’œ
I starting working on AceSpace because I couldn't find an app that let me meet with people naturally without having to scroll through endless profiles looking for hook-ups.
AceSpace is a place where people can find friends or a romantic relationship without having to worry about hook-up culture. If you are looking for a hook-up, or a 'playmate', this is simply not the place for you.
You can start finding people using the Discover tab in the sidebar to the left, or by starting a conversation with someone with similar interests! A lot of people also dive straight into the news feed!
🧑 About me
I'm an adventurous nerd that loves to add a little bit of excitement to life where possible. I'm a software engineer by trade and I usually work for large corporates & consultancies - but AceSpace has been my full-time commitment over the last year. Running a start-up has been a huge breath of fresh air and it's been great getting it out of my system - and honestly I've never felt like I've contributed more to society than I have over the last year, especially with all the heartwarming success stories affecting real people that I hear about.
Since the pandemic I lost touch with a lot of the hobbies and travel that I used to do and I’ve gotten a bit lazy! But I’m getting back in to the swing of things. I've started up getting back into snowboarding after a long break from that and I've been playing badminton again lately. I should really be getting back into playing guitar and keyboard again too! - and I’m going to admit that I really simply want to just laze about playing video games a bit more too.
Going in to my 30s I'm going to spend more time being active and spending with friends! I'm a bit of an optimist and try to be positive in the face of negativity where possible. I'm looking for someone who is bubbly and positive, that tries to see the best in life and assume the best in other people in the worst of situations and helps brighten up a long and tired day!
πŸ’› On a typical Friday night I am ...
I hate to say it but lately it's probably developing on AceSpace! But I still do find time to go out and hang with friends every weekend. Chill sessions and going out and exploring, playing sports or dining out are always fun. My days of clubbing aren't completely over but only for special occasions!
πŸ’š Where I want to be in 5 years
I want to be part of a wholesome family with somebody special and with a fulfilling occupation that keeps things exciting :)
πŸ’™ My favourite anime
All the popular, mainstream stuff like AOT, SAO, Death Note and Steins Gate but my favourite anime ever is Mirai Nikki! I don't know why, I just love it so much!
πŸ’œ My favourite video games
I'm pretty obsessed with the Final Fantasy series and finally got round to playing all of the main titles after catching up with the pixel remasters lately. So jazzed for FF7 rebirth!
I was raised on Sega and Playstation so I have a soft heart for Sonic, Crash, Spyro, Metal Gear Solid etc.
These days I play a lot of indie games like stardew valley, rimworld, dyson sphere program etc. - But at the moment i've trying to do a maraton of the old Zelda games on the N64 so I can finally be part of the Zelda crew since I missed out on all of that when I was younger!
✈️ I would love to travel to
Japan again, I spent a year in Tokyo and loved it. I'd also love to visit wider asia. I also want to travel to USA, Canada and Australia. Maybe a cheeky Euro road trip would be nice too!
When money starts flowing through again I might look at getting a private pilots licence. That would be real fun :) Flying around the UK and Americas would be awesome!